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In partnership with Nyack College, LEAD.NYC’s Youth Pastors + Emerging Leaders Fellowship (YPELF) hosts events with unique opportunities to fellowship, network, and develop skillsets that allow young leaders to grow together. We believe that when young leaders collaborate and join forces, they can create a catalyst for change in a movement that can impact both our city and future generations to come.
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Join us as we continue to facilitate community amongst our young leaders.

Thursday, March 17th 2022
7:00 – 9:00pm ET
Nyack College
2 Washington Street
New York, NY 10004


The dedicated people building a community for our young leaders.

Vandalyn Kennedy

Team Lead, YPELF

John Ginnan
John Ginnan

NY Director, Youth Alive

Daniel Sanabria
Daniel Sanabria

NYC Executive Director, Youth for Christ

Ross Queener
Ross Queener

Ministry Networks Director, CRU

Ann Shuman
Anna Shuman

Youth & Family Studies Department Coordinator, Nyack College

Jeff Talavera
Jeff Talavera

Youth Pastor, For the Glory of Christ Church

Rev. Kevin White
Rev. Kevin White

Institutional Director of Admissions, Alliance Theological Seminary at Nyack College