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Offering support to vulnerable children and those caring for them.

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Did you know that there are over 7,600 vulnerable children in the foster care system in NYC alone? Launched in connection with the 10 ZIP Codes Project and our desire to engage the most vulnerable communities throughout NYC, our Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) equips churches with tangible opportunities and systems that can prevent kids from entering foster care, intervene once foster care is a necessity, and/or connect children with families for a lifetime.

A National Problem

Based on the stats alone, our foster care system is in crisis and we must do better.
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of human trafficking victims spent time in foster care

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of inmates aged out of foster care (in several states)

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of women become pregnant within one year of aging out of foster care

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of foster youth become homeless within 18 months of emancipation

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A Local Solution

Working alongside our partners, FAM seeks a solution to help the vulnerable among us.

LEAD.NYC’s FAM initiative has partnered with CarePortal and Promise686 to help end the foster care system crisis. Please consider joining us on this endeavor.

Praying Together

The FAM Team

The dedicated people committed to supporting vulnerable children and those that care for them.

Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson

Neighborhoods Director

Jensy Acosta
Jensy Acosta

NYC Family Advocacy Liaison

Kristian Hernandez
Kristian Hernandez

NYC FAM Area Director