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Over a span of 8 months, Advance Leadership Intensive takes leaders and influencers through an intense course designed to not only develop leadership skills but also provide opportunities to foster peer partnerships and collaborations. From sessions led by top-tier leaders to a curriculum that integrates lessons in faith and leadership, ALI exists to empower leaders to accelerate the gospel in their city.
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New Cohorts

Advance Leadership Intensive is launching new cohorts in November of 2022.
  • Registration for the new cohorts will be announced soon.
  • If you have any questions please email Becky@LEAD.NYC

Nuevas Cohortes

Advance Leadership Intensive lanzará nuevas cohortes en noviembre de 2022.
  • El registro para las nuevas cohortes se anunciará pronto.
  • Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico a Becky@LEAD.NYC
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Working tirelessly to build a community that empowers our leaders.

Rebecca Scholten

Advance, Interim Director

Advance, Manager

ALI Team

ALI exists to empower leaders to accelerate the gospel in their city.
Jim Brown

Team Lead, ALI

John Ginnan
John Ginnan

NY Director, Youth Alive

Daniel Sanabria
Daniel Sanabria

NYC Executive Director, Youth for Christ

Ross Queener
Ross Queener

Ministry Networks Director, CRU

Ann Shuman
Anna Shuman

Youth & Family Studies Department Coordinator, Nyack College

Jeff Talavera
Jeff Talavera

Youth Pastor, For the Glory of Christ Church


Discover what the community is saying about Advance Leadership Intensive.

We are grateful to be a partner of MOVEMENT.ORG. Their tremendously effective Advance Leadership Intensive initiative delivers, for eight months, superlative leadership training to social sector leaders, social entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders.

Frances Hesselbein

Frances Hesselbein
President & CEO
The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

My whole reason for helping found MOVEMENT.ORG was about the ‘leadership’ component, bringing world-class leadership skill training to pastors and not-for-profit directors in the greater NYC metro area. The Advance Leadership Intensive does this effectively through its nine-month program.
Anthony Lembke

Anthony Lembke
Principal & CIO
Alternative Investment Industry

As a speaker I love when the leadership of an organization – the entire staff involved in making an event a success, and even the targeted audience – are all aligned on what they’re striving to accomplish. This is the case regarding MOVEMENT.ORG. They definitely walk the talk.

Mark Riesenberg
CEO & Founder
Human Resources Unlimited

I have learned two principles about God’s way of Kingdom leadership. Firstly, His leaders need first to be followers. Secondly, learning to lead is a process and best learned in community. The Advance Leadership Intensive embodies these principles to a greater degree than any leadership program I am aware of.
Lourine Clark

Lourine Clark
Advance Leadership Intensive
2017 Alumni Member

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